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Connie—Exhibition Consultant Manager

If not now,When?If not me,Who?

Vera—Exhibition Consultant Supervisor

I am Vera, an exhibition consultant, a woman strong in appearance, gentle in heart, a woman you can't think of, a woman with a womanly body but a heart wider than the sea, a woman full of miracles.

Raomi—Overseas Project Manager

Every step counts. Treat yourself as a work of art. Polish it and love it.

Anna—Exhibition Consultant

Sincerity is a key to unlock, active thinking, marketing potential, especially good at helping customers solve problems.The booth marketing program, let your booth will "speak", kind, resilient, passionate.

James—Exhibition Consultant

I was made in China in 1995, 176cm, 68kg, using artificial intelligence, all parts are complete, stable operation, after more than 20 years of operation, a quality trustworthy products. I love playing basketball, watching NBA, research luxurious cars, ove

Kasa—Exhibition Consultant

Steady personality, integrity and loyalty, strong execution;to work optimistic persistence, dare to face difficulties and challenges.Strong organizational leadership, teamwork spirit, keen market insight, strong sense of responsibility;Have good business

Lucky—Exhibition Consultant

My name is Lucky.There is no shortcut to success, only insist to the final success, not in silence death in silence outbreak, I will be the one in the outbreak of silence

Ella—Exhibition Consultant

Good attitude willing to learn, do not escape problems, willing to learn from others.Attitude determines choice, attitude determines thinking, attitude determines everything.

Anne—Exhibition BD

Engaged in years of communication customer service work, simple life, happy work, 70s also want to have a young attitude every day with passion to embrace life, repeated things to do, carefully do will become wonderful, accept yourself, treat others, with


I am an outgoing and enthusiastic girl, I like to try many new things, design is a very important part of my life.​


A warm and friendly designer-


I am Ken, a stylish 95s designer, Ken, willing to accept new design ideas, discover the beauty of design. Less is more, and simplicity is richness.


Create the world in 3D software, bloom brilliantly in plane software, and innovate in video software!

Joyce— Engineering Department

It was an accident and a surprise that I joined Lovewe. Here, I met a group of like-minded friends and regained a positive original mind.Instead of worrying about the vague future, I just want to work hard for the clear present.Live up to the future, live

Hailey—Engineering Department

Positive attitude; 100% dedication; let nature take its course in the premise of efforts; down-to-earth by every step. These are the life creeds I have been holding.


Honesty is the greatest wealth of life. There is an old saying in our country: believe what you say, and do what you do. Commitment is beautiful, like a meteor, but fixed in people's hearts! So we must keep our promise!