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Born to Differ - Wemo Lightbox System

The choice to enlighten your future.

The revolutionary change of the exhibition experience is starting a new era, what are you waiting for? 

WEMO Lightbox

Revolutionary Illuminated Booth

The “wooden backgrounds” are slowly being eliminated.

You control all sound and light systems off your fingertip, to make your booth the eye-catching on the floor. 

With the full support from our creative development, the best lighting and color temperature would always attract your customers to stay longer in the booth. 


Light Booth

A Visual Feast - Kabu Booth

Simplicity is a new luxury. 

I want charm yet simple.

The newest, diverse and most breathtaking exhibition experience. 

Storytelling and uniqueness, using 2D visual as the core, expanding its space and dimensions to the full!

Winners believe before they see