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Lovewe is a professional exhibition company concentrate on design, production, and construction for global exhibitions. The company focus on exhibition businesses, combining the main business of commercial display, tour, and large-scale events, etc. to provide clients with the most comprehensive one-stop service, from recruitment, group travel for exhibition, global booth design and construction, event planning, project management, and implementation. Currently, the company business mainly concentrates in Europe, the Americas,Asia, and Oceania; spreads over major countries and regions on the four continents.


Lovewe shareholders are former Alibaba executives and leaders in the exhibition fields. In addition to the exhibition business, we also extend to other fields of exhibition business, such as technology, the Internet, artificial intelligence and more. 


Lovewe is committed to redefining the exhibition construction market, guided by market demand, driven by innovation, the company promotes transformation and upgrade of the exhibition industry and truly achieves"buy locally, DIY and use globally."


Lovewe's vision: belief in people-oriented, serve every customer well, enhance value with quality, and create the world's most influential exhibition brand.